In Remembrance
Excellency - Ambassador
“Necdet Kent„

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The unique Diplomat “Necdet Kent„ put his own life for 8 years active in danger, - and rescued during the Holocaust, Shoa 1933-1945 and WW II. - countless Turkish citizens, former Turkish citizens, second and third generation Turks&Jews, foreign Jews, of jewish descent, families with children and refugees, - and saved their lives during his duty in south of France, from the streets in southern France and Marseille, by razzia and from the concentration camps, and additionally those, - who were already on the way by train to the greater death camps - victims were captured systematically, fast and daily from the streets and houses by “French pro Nazi Vichy-Government, Nazi-Germans, Gestapo, SS, french Gendarmerie and french Police.

Unique Diplomat “Necdet Kent„ put his own life for 8 years active in danger, - he rescued, - he saved lives, - personal - and with his team, gave to the victims Turks&Jews, foreign Jews and of jewish descent, families with children and refugees - all kind of Turkish pasports and they could leave to Turkey or to any country in the world. (their wealth in France is until today confiscated and doubtful).

Against Neglect

The unique Turkish Diplomats in France and in other european countries, during the Holocaust, Shoa and WW II. - have organized continuously and additonally for 12 years assorted Turkish passports for saving more lives “Victims and families with children„ - from deportation, concentration camps and death.

One “Passport Republic of Turkey„ saved, - the lives of a Turkish&Jewish, foreign jewish or refugee family with children from death up to 8  person.

“One Passport Republic of Turkey„
Saved during the Holocaust, Shoah 1933-1945
up to 8 person from death.

Against Neglect

Unique Diplomat “Necdet Kent„ to the question; - how many victims and families with children in total he rescued and saved during the Holocaust, Shoa and WW II. in southern France and Marseille “He never mentioned until to his death, -

His answer was; - Turkish culture forbidds to boast of with the lives of helpless and poor victims; - “What I did was only my human duty„ - “you would do it the same„! “anybody„ - “everybody„ any “human being„ would help and do the same duty.

They estimate; -  by 8 years service of “Unique Diplomat Necdet Kent„ in southern France makes (2.920 days) by out-giving minimum 5 Turkish passports per day makes 14.600 Turkish passports, - the same amount is the saved lives, of families with children and other victims during the Holocaust Shoa 1933-1945 and WW II.

Please note; - The real amount in total of rescued lives of all the victims, Turks&Jews, families, children and Jewish refugees from death, concentration camps and deportation in Southern France and Marseille from “Unique Diplomat Necdet Kent„ and his “team, - is much higher as estimated.

Against Neglect

Excellency - Ambassador
Necdet Kent
1937-1945 Marseille/France

To those unique Turkish Diplomats, - and the Diplomatic Corps, - with their known and unknown names who are alive or dead, - forever our thanks.

Yad Vasem/Israel

Forever you belong to the “Righteous Among the Nations„ at the earth and univers and “You are the Righteous Among the People„ - may you all rest in peace, - in Gods mercy and Grace.

In France some of the known “Concentration Camps; KZ-Drancy, KZ-Vittel, KZ-Compiegne, KZ Natzweiler-Struthof, KZ-Paris, KZ-Marseille, KZ-Gurs, KZ-Argeles, KZ-Aurigny, KZ-Brens, KZ-Les Milles, KZ-Le Vernet, KZ-Noé, KZ-Récébédou, KZ-Rieucros, KZ-Rivesaltes, KZ-Suresnes, KZ-Thill, KZ-Cernay, KZ-Colmar, KZ-Thiel-Longwy,  KZ-Metz, KZ-Peltre, KZ-Saint-Die, KZ-Sainte Marie aux Mines, etc.

In France was more than 70-80 concentration camps; - during the Holocaust,  Shoa and WW  II. in these concentration camps have been murdered; - Turkish citizens, former Turkish citizens, second and third generation Turks&Jews, children and our relatives of jewish descent, - many of those victims could not rescued.

Because the french pro Nazi Vichy-Government, Nazi Germans, SS, Gestapo, Nazi-Wehrmacht, french Gendarmerie and french Police was very fast, - with Razzia in the streets, houses, at day and night time, - and the quick deportation to the concentration camps, - many victims were caught up in sweeps before they have a chance to contact the Turkish “Consulate, “Embassy or “Diplomats.

The victims have been immediately deported from these concentration camps in France; - by train in cattle wagons for many days without water, food and toilet in to other european countries; - to the greater industrylized mass murdering death camps - to gasify, removed their gold teeth, and burned in mass. Please read in main english site the concentration camps in Europe.


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